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The UAE Multiple Entry Tourist visa is among the most helpful type of visas available to help UAE visitors, who intend to enter and exit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) several times within a given time period using one particular visa. It allows the tourists to enter the seven Emirates comprising of the UAE several times within a certain period of time. That means utilizing the same visa within a given time frame; you can travel back and forth from or to UAE as much as you want.

If you are thinking of staying in the UAE for a longer period of time and need to visit UAE frequently, then a 90 days multiple entry visa is the perfect for you. Multiple entries can be for the corporate jaunt, visiting relatives, attending seminars, interviews or for medical check-ups, which require visiting UAE many times in a specific time span.

A 90 days multiple entry visa permits you to enter UAE numerous times until 90 days These are multiple long-term visas that can be issued at a very reasonable price with Dusk Travel and Tourism. We can provide you with the quickest visa processing time, which is only two to three business hours.

Documents Required
We only require the following documents:

  • Passport: A scanned colour copy of your passport with a minimum 6 months validity remaining.
  • Photograph: A clear front-facing photograph with a white background colour

How To Apply
Applying for an online visa requires a trustworthy and reliable visa service operator. Her, you are at
the right place to request your UAE visa application online. With many years of experience in this business, Dusk Travel and Tourism provides the best service to you to get your UAE visa. If you are thinking “How To Apply for a 90 days multi-entry UAE visa”, then don\'t worry; our visa experts will guide you well throughout the entire visa application procedure.

Dusk Travel and Tourism provide a facile and straight forward process to help you apply for your 90 Days Multi Entry UAE e-Visa. Apply in just four easy steps to get your UAE visa by selecting
your nationality, completing the application form, uploading the documents and paying the
applicable application charge.

In case you need any assistance while filing your application, you can get in touch with our
dynamic customer service 24/7. Alternatively, you can find more information on our FAQs page.

90 Days Multi-Entry UAE Visa Fee
If you plan to travel to the UAE, the visa fee can be one of your concerns. So you must
find the most affordable solution to get your UAE visa. Since multi-entry visas cost a little higher
than single-entry visas, you can still get it at the most affordable rate with Dusk Travel and
Tourism. Thus, planning your Dubai trip on a budget can start with reserving an e-visa from us.

Validity of Visa
A 90 days Multi-Entry Dubai visa is valid up to 60 days from the date of issue to enter the UAE.

When Can I Apply For A 90 Days Multi Entry UAE Visa?
We advise you to apply for your 90 days Multiple entry UAE/Dubai visa at least one month before your planned travel date.

How Can I Get a 90 days Multiple Entry Visa After Applying Online?
You will receive your e-visa in a PDF format that you can download and you can print it to carry on your travel. Besides, you can straightforwardly track your visa by the application number on our website. 


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