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Do you plan to visit the UAE on a very short notice? Do you want to recieve your UAE visa in a really short span of time? Then, Dusk Travel and Tourism have got a really good service for you, known as our “Express visa service”. Our Express visa package allows you to get your 30 days visa in just 24 hrs. It is the fastest visa processing time that you could encounter when applying for an Express visa to the UAE.
The 30 days Express visa is equivalent to a 30 days tourist visa to visit the UAE. The only difference between the two visas is the processing time; that is that you get it in one day. It authorizes you to stay in the UAE for 30 days from the date of entry in the UAE.

Dusk Travel and Tourism expedite the same day visa provision in a really comfortable manner and at the most affordable rate possible. Our affable professionals are dedicated to serve you in your immediate visa approval for hassle-free trips to the UAE.
Documents Required
We require only the following documents for a 30 Days Express Visa to the UAE:

  • Passport : A scanned coloured copy of your passport with minimum 6 months remaining validity.
  • Photograph: A clear front-facing photograph with a white background colour

How To Apply
You can apply for a 30 days Express visa for the UAE online in a hassle free manner with Dusk Travel and Tourism. No need to worry about receiving your visa in a single anymore. The processing for an express visa is done with minimal documents and is an easy online method. You can interact with our exceptionally skilled visa experts to assist you in achieving your 30 days visa on the same day. With upright support, you can plan your impetuous UAE trip extremely smoothly.
At Dusk Travel and Tourism, you can access your visa much more faster and easily!
For any queries or guidance, feel free to consult our visa professionals.

30 Days Express Visa UAE Fee
You can get a visa for a spontaneous trip to the UAE at an affordable rate.
Though the Express Visa UAE Fee is more costly than other visa services, Dusk Travel and
Tourism offers the lowest possible price for a 30 Days Express Visa. You can organise a
budget-friendly trip at the last hour with our services.

Validity of Visa
A 30 days Express visa for UAE is valid up to 60 days from the date of issue to enter the UAE.

When Can I Apply For A 30 Days Express Visa UAE?
It takes at least 24 hours to process your visa, so we recommend applying for your 30 days
Express UAE or Dubai visa before 24 hours of your specified travel time.

How Can I Get a 30 Days Express Visa UAE After Applying Online?
You receive your e-visa in a PDF format that you can download and print to carry on your travel.
Besides, you can track your visa in a highly straightforward manner by tracking the  application number on our website.


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    “I have had an excellent experience always with Dusk tourism. They are always on time and straight to business. They don't jeopardize their integrity and they keep to their word and time. I recommend them to you all out there who need visas or plane tickets.”

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    Thanks for your assistance in issuing visa for my parents without any hassle of documents. Thanks for all your help. Whenever we need to issue any visa for our family member or friend. Thing first name which comes in our mind is Dusk Travel & Tourism

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    My experience with Dusk Travel and Tourism has been phenomenal. All services they provide are delivered on time and in the best way possible. I am really satisfied with your services ever since I got in touch 2 years ago.

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