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  • You must be 21 years old and above You must have complete legal authority to make a binding legal obligation.
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  • Valid transactions for yourself or for another person who is 21 years or older and for anyone you are legally authorized to act, will only be accepted by the company.
  • All information provided by this website is updated, complete and accurate.


a) Availability and Pricing

  • The transaction is only fulfilled when Dusk Travel and Tourism has reviewed your submission and has applied the visa application to the UAE Immigration. In the event that you didn’t receive your visa or any other services that you have applied for, Dusk Travel and Tourism will not carry any responsibility from it. Any requirements needed by the UAE government must be completely fulfilled.
     Dusk Travel and Tourism will not be responsible if:
  • You are not eligible for the service requested.
  • The information that you provided is incomplete or the documents provided are insufficient.
  • There are any errors done by the UAE Immigration.
  • Before applying for a visa through us, you must make sure that you didn’t submit another visa application from another agency. Otherwise, your application will be rejected by the UAE Immigration.
  • Dusk Travel and Tourism does not issue freelance visas and is not related to any governing body of the UAE Government.
  • The price stated on the website is the fixed and current price for each of the products and services that Dusk Travel and Tourism is offering. All customers will be notified if there are changes that have been made.
b) Payment Policy
  • Our online facilities accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards . Your identification should match the information indicated in the credit card. By using our online facility, you also agree to provide proof that you own the credit/debit card.
  • All products and services must be paid for first before being delivered.
  • Violation of our payment policy will result in the cancellation of your purchase and reservations, as well as being denied access to the website or purchasing any of our services. Money that is credited from your account will be non-refundable.
  • If the visa is not approved by the UAE Immigration, you must pay for another application of the UAE visa.
c) Cancellation Policy
  • For the visa application, once it is submitted to the UAE Immigration for approval and whether it is still being processed or approved, it cannot be cancelled.
  • Any services and products availed from Dusk Travel and Tourism are non-refundable.


a) Links

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a) Governing Law

  • Dusk Travel and Tourism is governed by the UAE Law. All of the terms and conditions laid out by the company adheres to the law of the country.
Refusal of entering the country or boarding the flight will only be achieved if the passenger is:
  • In possession of an incorrect passport.
  • Not carrying a visa and other travel documents.