Difference Between Short Term And Long Term UAE Visa: Know Your Type

Difference Between Short Term And Long Term UAE Visa: Know Your Type

Planning for a visa can be quite tiresome if you don't know what types of visas you need to travel to any country. The United Arab Emirates makes available various types of visas depending on the length of your stay, the purpose of your visit, whether you're travelling in a group or solo, and your budget. UAE provides short term visas and long term visas to suit all needs and requirements of visitors. Dusk Travel and Tourism assists you in applying for short term and long term UAE visa online at cheap prices. The classification below will help you in determining the type of visa you should apply for your next trip. Let’s take a look.

What Is The Difference Between A Short-term And A Long-term UAE visa?

  • Short-term visas can be applied for travel and vacation reasons, whereas a visit visa or long term visa can be used for long business trips, conferences, visiting a relative for a long time, or some other purpose.
  • A short-term visa allows you to stay for 30 days and can be extended for another 40 days, whereas a long-term visa allows you to stay for 90 days.
  • The fee for a UAE long-term visa is relatively higher than the price for a short-term visa.
  • A tourist or short-term visa cannot be changed into another visa, but a long-term visa can be changed into a business visa.
  • The sponsor of a short term visa can be a relative or other residing in the UAE; however, in the case of a visit visa, the sponsor must be a UAE resident. 
What is a Short Term Visa?

 Dusk Travel and Tourism provides visas for short trips for individual and group travelers. This type of visa is mainly used for tourism, business trips or family visits. It is also provided to those entering the UAE for a period of up to 30 days to participate in brief training programs, internships, conferences, and corporate meetings or to engage in remunerated activities (of any kind). The following visas can be availed:

1. 30 days Single-entry UAE visa
This visa is commonly used when visiting relatives and friends in the United Arab Emirates. You can also request this visa if you are visiting the UAE for a vacation or want to explore the country. This visa permits your entry to all the seven emirates of the UAE. This visa offers a one-time entry and exit feature, which means you can only enter and exit once. A 30 day UAE visa is the ideal option if your visit is for 30 days or less and you need to travel once within the validity period of the stay. Those seeking a short-term tourist visa to the UAE generally prefer this visa.

2. 30 Days Multiple-entry UAE visa
This visa is most suitable when you need to make frequent or multiple visits within 30 days. You can opt for this visa when you have a lot of meetings scheduled in a short period of time (up to 30 days) or you have a lot of business presentations to give. Even if you require to leave on an urgent basis and later come back, this visa suits you best.

What is a Long Term Visa?
Dusk Travel and Tourism also provides visas for longer periods. For long stays, the following visas are available: 
1. 90 Days single-entry UAE visa UAE long term visas can be for education, jobs, internships and other career-oriented purposes. These visits take time and are required to stay in the UAE for longer periods. Counselling sessions, interviews, a presentation that requires preparation while in the UAE, and so on - all of this is possible with a 90-day single-entry visa. Once you exit the country with this visa, it expires.

2. 90 Days Multiple entry UAE visas
This visa facilitates multiple entry and exits within a period of 90 days. You can easily plan your trips as you get more time for a relaxed schedule ahead. 

Documents Required For Short Term And Long Term Visa
  • Scan copy of bio page of valid passport
  • Scan copy of passport size photographs 
Other documents
  • A complete online application form with valid details
  • Confirmed hotel reservations or accommodation details
  • An actual round trip tickets 
Steps To Apply For Short Term UAE Visa
  • Select your citizenship and living nation
  • Choose your Nationality
  • Select your UAE visa type, single or multiple short term visa
  • Fill the online visa application form carefully with the required details
  • Pay the applicable visa fees online
  • Now, you can track the status of your visa
Steps To Apply For Long Term UAE Visa
  • Select your living and citizenship nationality
  • Select your visa type, single or multiple long term visa
  • Fill the visa application form with the required details
  • Pay the presented sum. After that, you will get the ‘Tracking Number’ in your mail, through which you can check the status of your UAE visa online at the website. Now that you understand the differences between a short-term and long-term UAE visa, you will be able to choose the relevant visa type and apply for it without trouble. Dusk Travel and Tourism values the time & money of its customers. We hope the above information helps you with better planning while you make your visit to the UAE. 



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