World Expo 2020 Dubai: History, Facts, Dates And Attractions

World Expo 2020 Dubai: History, Facts, Dates And Attractions

With the Expo 2020 in Dubai, around 26 million people from around the globe will be looking forward to the gathering for being a part of the attractions and experience the surprises for 6 months constantly. This year Expo 2020 is not going an inch shorter of a grand affair as the astounding city, Dubai has been going out to make the largest expo ever. 
Starting off with the history of the Grand Expo 2020, here is all about what you guys need to know about the world’s largest expo touting to be the third biggest event after the Olympics and FIFA World Cup. 

What Exactly Is Expo 2020? The aim of this particular expo is to connect ideas and people from every nation of the world. It will help in building innovation, uniqueness and sustainability for the upcoming future. 
The show is all set to begin in October 2021 and shall be going until March 2022 with participants from at least 190 nations. 
The Expo is expecting to bring more than 25 million people to the country and 70 per cent of visitors from outside the United Arab Emirates. The south of Dubai is the specific place that shall host the whole event completely. The people visiting the event will get the opportunity to visit a variety of pavilions that are under dedication to different nations and their innovations. 

Rise of the World EXPO Saga 
The first EXPO of the world was held in the Crystal Palace of London at Hyde Park in the year 1851. However, the origin of the event is considered to be attributing to the exhibitions as a section of the traditions of the French. Until the mid-period of the 19th century, it majorly served as a specific platform for displaying the achievements of the Industrial Evolution. Later, it seemed to be starting to highlight the inventions of technology and then making the focal point on the diversity of the themes during the next century, i.e., 20th century. 
Moreover, the World Expo has been coming a long way and is now taken under consideration as more of a global platform where nations from all over the world meet for showcasing the innovations and advancements in science and technology, along with developments and achievements of the architecture as a whole. Also for the promotion of the different cultures and discussion regarding everything strengthening the relationships on a global basis, and bringing progress to the planet.     

Notable Facts About Dubai Expo 2020

  • The Expo takes place once in 5 years with an innovative theme. 
  • The city hosting the event varies every 5 years, and every aspect of the event is determined by the BIR (Bureau International des Expositions) based in Paris. It is an organization that is intergovernmental.  
  • The event goes on for 6 long months. 
  • The last expo was held in the country of Milan in the year 2015
Dubai winning the World Expo 2020 Bid After submitting the candidature and the clearance of every parameter is done, the city hosting the expo will be chosen finally by the members' states of the BIR based on a voting system. And with around 116 votes out of 168 votes, Dubai won the bid without any effort by beating other nations, including Brazil, Russia as well as Turkey. There was confirmation that the host city of world expo 2020 would be Dubai by the 2013 general assembly of the BIE. 
Begin and Ending Dates of Expo 2020 
The expo at Dubai was originally scheduled for kicking off from October 1, 2020, to April 31, 2021. However, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the event has been postponed to 2021. The new dates of the Dubai Expo 2020 are 1st October 2021 to March 31, 2022. 

Specifics & Theme of Dubai EXPO 2020
  • The world expo is the first-ever grand event to be held in the region of the Middle East. 
  • The world expo of 2020 will be coinciding with the 50th-anniversary celebrations of the United Arab Emirates, making it more special. 
  • The grand event is under expectations for creating an astoundingly positive effect on the economy of the region, specifically helping in boosting the hospitality, tourism, real estate, and sectors of the retail as well. 
  • The major-specific theme of the World Expo will be the ‘Connecting minds, creating the future, and their lives up to the goal for creating betterment in the future for the globe through the connection of the people, along with the inspiration of the ideas. And the entire concept is being executed via the three major sub-themes: SUSTAINABILITY, MOBILITY, AND OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity is all regarding bringing out massive capabilities lying within both community and people, hence, unlocking more ways of innovation for a better future of the entire nation.  
  • The idea behind mobility is the enhancement of the movement of goods, people and other things as well in the certain era of digitized connectivity. In terms of sustainability, there is an emphasis on the development via the solutions of sustainability, further ensuring the protection of the natural resources and the entire ecosystem. 
Exclusive Attractions of World Expo Dubai 
  • Enjoying living canvas, along with admiring the remarkable creations of art by talents from locals as well as outside the country. 
  • Watching performances of world-class level brought to you by creative and brilliant performers from around the world. 
  • The event will include digital theatres, fashion shows and dance shows, promising an unrivalled experience of the cultures throughout the entire event. 
  • Kids shall participate in unique activities, get the chance to create robots, learn about 3D printing, and indulge in different games that are quite interesting. 
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