What You Need To Know Before Travelling To UAE

What You Need To Know Before Travelling To UAE

The UAE is one of the best countries to visit in the Middle East. Specifically, Dubai is the world's most popular tourist destination today. Large masses of tourists from all over the world visit UAE throughout the year. Despite being overwhelmingly Islamic, the UAE is unlike most of its neighbours. There are numerous misperceptions and myths regarding this country. So,you need to be aware of some travel guidelines and tips before travelling to the UAE.However, it is lively, glamorous, affluent, and flamboyant, but there are certain things you should avoid and know, when visiting the country. If you're considering a trip to the UAE anytime soon, here are 17 things you should know to have an indelible time there.

Essential Things You Must Know Before Travelling To The UAE
1. UAE Travel RestrictionsThe UAE has imposed strict travel restrictions and guidelines for visitors travelling during theCOVID-19 predicament. It has also banned entry from many countries. With the onset of travel season, citizens are advised to follow all precautionary and preventive measures related to COVID-19. The UAE also stated that if any visitors test positive while travelling, they must self-isolate and follow all instructions, requirements, and health protocols imposed by their host countries. Travellers infected with COVID-19 must notify the UAE embassies in their host countries.

2. Currency ExchangeThe currency of the UAE is the dirham. Exchange the currency only from authorized vendors.Do not use any currency exchange stall on the street because it may be unauthorised and will not provide you with a good rate. Avoid changing currency at airports or hotels as it can be expensive.

3. A land of the best man-made wondersThere are a few locations that are truly graced by natural beauty. UAE has few natural attractions but abundant man-made architectural marvels that are just not less than natural wonderment. UAE embellishes the world's best man-made wonders, establishing itself as a benchmark country in terms of development and channelization management.There's nothing in the UAE that won't amaze you: the Burj Khalifa, the world's largest malls, the world's largest handloom carpet, the world's largest fountain, the world's largest islands,

chandeliers with Swarovski crystals and 24 karat gold and the world's most opulent hotel, all are examples of marvellous man-made creations.

4. A conservative Arabian country
Unlike other countries, the UAE is not the one where public displays of affection and revealing costumes are common. The United Arab Emirates is a conventional Arabian republic withh conservative Islamic rules and regulations. When visiting the UAE, remember to dress decently, avoid showing off too much skin, avoid public displays of affection, and avoid drinking alcohol in public areas.

5. Try the world's best Desert Safari
The electrifying Dubai desert safari is said to be a must-do on any trip to Dubai, UAE. Sunset photography, sand dune bashing, an international cuisine BBQ meal at the Bedouin-style desert camp, and even an overnight camp safari are all available as part of the desert safari. The trip inclusions are customizable, and you may create and book your desert safari tour with a variety of reputable tour operators such as Dusk Travel and Tourism. Sand dune bashing is not recommended for faint-heart, pregnant ladies, or newborns.

6. The climate is hot and extremely blazing
You may be abreast that the UAE is hot, but only after visiting there, you will realize just how bright and sultry it can be, particularly if you visit during the summer months. No matter whatever you do, remember to wear an SPF30 sunscreen and to cover yourself with full hand garments, a hat, and goggles when you go out. For the best vacation time, visit the UAE during the cooler months of November to March. It is the ideal time for having a perfect holiday in the UAE.

7. The land of mesmerizing beaches
It won’t be inflating to state UAE a land of the best of sun, sand, and sea. The country has some of the magnificent and most serene beaches that include Dubai's Jumeirah Beach, Abu Dhabi's Ghantoot Beach, Jebel Ali Beach, Ajman Beach, and JBR Beach. While some of them are open free for the public, the ones that are private will provide you with the most exquisite beach experience possible with impeccable service.

8. Alcohol is expensive
It is not widely available (only hotels are permitted to provide it), and some emirates, such as Sharjah, are completely devoid of it. Although licensed shops offer alcohol in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Many of them will not let you buy unless you have your own license. Duty-free shops at airports may be your best hope for cheap alcohol.

9. Most hospitable country you’ve visited
The UAE's outstanding hospitality is known throughout the world. Basically, people are aware that tourism now accounts for the majority of their revenue, and they strive to provide world-class service to their tourists and visitors. You'll want to come back for more of the amenities, luxuries and indulgences. From receiving a gold-plated iPad as a hotel guest to enjoying champagne on a hot air balloon, the United Arab Emirates never fails to wow its visitors.

10. Land of fascinating culture and traditions
It is a fantastic way of learning about Arabic cultures and traditions. From beautiful henna tattoos to Tanura dances, the United Arab Emirates is the best place to discover all about Arab traditions and culture. The significance of Ramadan and iftar, as well as the history of the desert country and its rapid ascension into the developed world, are more than fascinating; they are inspiring.

11. Make bookings in advance
Whether booking your visit to ‘At the Top’ Burj Khalifa in advance or reserving the best luxury hotel at cheap rates, you must make your travel booking in advance to get the availability and best deal. It is especially advised if you plan to travel during the peak season (Nov – Mar) when the prices are at the peak. Last-minute tickets are not only more expensive but might also be sold out, and you may have to wind up your UAE trip. Whether looking for cheapest flight rate, best deals on hotel or affordable tour packages from UAE, Dusk Travel and Tourism will fulfills all your requisites.

12. The weekend is Friday and Saturday in UAE
While planning to visit the UAE, you must note that Friday is a weekend there, and Sunday is working. Organize your visits to the malls and other places accordingly. Also, metro cities such as Dubai are open until late at night before and on weekends night, so you can enjoy numerous late night clubs, markets, and food channels.

13. UAE is the Safest country to Travel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the safest city in the world, with a crime rate of nearly 0%. Abu Dhabi, the capital city, is ranked the 25th best city in the world to live in. These titles are not easy to obtain; they necessitate a highly vigilant police force and the enforcement of laws that are sufficient to reduce crime rates. However, it goes without saying that you must be alert and conscious of your own safety all the time, regardless of where you go. Respecting the UAE's traditions and laws will always keep you out of trouble.

14. Essentials to carry in your baggage
This is, after all, the most important portion of any trip. Double-check all your documents and booking, then have a photocopy to carry with you at all times, leaving the originals in your hotel room. Check with your local embassy for visa requirements, as they are subject to change. Do carry your documents, cash, visa requirements and travel paperwork when travelling to UAE.

15. UAE is a foodie’s paradise
As a cosmopolitan nation, the variety of food in the UAE is tremendous. Furthermore, if you're a non-vegetarian, the Emirati cuisine will keep your tummy singing for months. There are many tasty dishes that many people have never heard of, such as exotic camel meat, falafel, an incredibly huge variety of seafood, and a world of cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese,Korean,European, Indian, Pakistani, and more. Chefs are flown in from all around the world to bring authenticity to the food in the UAE.

16. The world’s only Ferrari theme park
You must not skip this while in the UAE because there is nothing comparable to Ferrari World anywhere else in the world. The roller coasters at the Ferrari World theme park reach speeds of up to 240kmph, giving you the sensation of driving a high-speed Ferrari car. It has the world's largest Ferrari logo, measuring 65m x 48.5m. It is currently the world's largest indoor park, and it is equipped to provide visitors with the same cutting-edge racing simulators that are used by the Ferrari racing team.

17. Thrilling adventures and adorable romance
If an adrenaline rush is what draws you to a destination, the UAE should be on your list of must-see destinations. From extreme sea adventures like shark cage diving, jet-skiing, flyboarding, banana boat riding, and a variety of other water sports, UAE also offers the best in sky adventures. Enjoy professional paragliding, skydiving, and hot air balloon rides in the UAE.

Even the best water parks in the world are there to offer you an adrenaline rush of a lifetime. The  UAE is a great place to visit if you're seeking a tranquil vacation. There are no limits to the ingenuity and extent to which the wonderful UAE will go to make your special one feel incredibly unique, from Dhow boat rides to exquisite romantic candlelit dinners on the beach and under the stars.

With the travel guidelines mentioned above, you are sure to have a gala time when travelling to the UAE if you schedule during the right time.

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