How Dubai Expo 2020 Offer More Than Our Expectations

How Dubai Expo 2020 Offer More Than Our Expectations

Back in 2013, when DUBAI won the bid to hold the EXPO 2020, beating three other cities at THE BUREAU INTERNATION DES EXPOSITIONS, the whole UAE celebrated! There were crackers, fireworks and celebrations all around the place. Even BURJ KHALIFA was lit in showing the happiness and taking the celebrations to the next level. Such is the excitement they have for the opportunity of making the world astonish with their commitment. 
This shows how much they were looking forward to the event. When they won the chance beating: Yekaterinburg, RUSSIA; Izmir, TURKEY; Sau Paulo, BRAZIL, they already astonished the world. Then they started the preparations in full swing with the sole aim to sweet surprise the world at their best. With this aim, everything for the DUBAI EXPO 2020 has been prepared. And the results – astounding, amusing, leaving everyone wanting more!

It’s All About Vision From Venue to Events at Dubai Expo 2020 
After the preparations went on, DUBAI started to increase the anticipation of the world more and more as it revealed its objectives and plans for the DUBAI EXPO 2020. The DUBAI RULER, His Highness SHEIK MOHAMMED, declared to the world that they would “Astonish the World”. They sure started to do that with the vision and objective of the DUBAI EXPO 2020. They introduced the slogan – Connecting Minds, Creating the future. The themes they wanted to follow are – Mobility, opportunity and sustainability. 
Back then, when they chose those slogans and themes, everyone was really excited, and their individual expectations skyrocketed, but as we can think today, those themes are more relevant than ever. In this post-pandemic world, people need inspiration and some hope to cling on. Positivity became scarce, but it is the necessity of the minute. What became scarce is actually distributed in abundance to each and every visitor at THE DUBAI EXPO 2020. Such is the brilliant preparations made by the UAE for this much-awaited EXPO. World-renowned technicians, architects and audio-visual artists came together to offer not just to DUDBAI but to this whole world much-needed inspiration through their architectural epitomes.

Architectural Brilliance, Cultural Diversity, Creative Collaboration @Dubai Expo 2020
World’s first of its kind 360 degrees laser projecting enabled indoor venue AL WASL DOME – in fact, it is the world’s largest indoor venue with translucent projection. Almost 252 projectors were maintained and organized by CHRISTIE digital to decorate the DUBAI, particularly its CROWN JEWEL with its largest laser projections. Along with this beauty, there are 4 pavilions in this Indoor venue. One much-talked pavilion is UAE’s FALCON IN THE FLIGHT PAVILION. All these inspiring and jaw-dropping structures welcome every visitor from their country with aspiring hospitality.
These highly technical, artistic and top-class creatively venue surprises are graced by most of the creative minds around the world. Together they collaborate and can offer the world its yet to be best and sustainable solutions for a promising and hopeful future. In a way, DUBAI is not just hosting its own prideful event, but in fact, it is aiding the whole world with this awe-struck, inspiring effort. To sum up, THE DUBAI EXPO 2020 has contributed this:
  • Almost 200 plus organizations are participating with their stalls in this DUBAI EXPO 2020 @AL WASL PLAZA indoor venue, where the whole event will take place for six months starting from 1st October 2021.

  • This largest venue and the whole event actually offered livelihood in the form of jobs and better wages, offering work to almost 277000 plus workers helping.

  • Visitors of around 100 million tourists will be visiting DUBAI, increasing the tourism inflow to THE UAE many folds. Indirectly hotels, malls and restaurants will be benefitting, which in turn offers more livelihood hope to many workers and their families.

  • THE DUBAI EXPO 2020 will entirely happen at AL WASL PLAZA – THE CROWN JEWEL, where it alone has all the hotels, restaurants and many culturally diversified shopping and educational joints.

These mere facts can reveal the magnitude of THE DUBAI EXPO 2020.
Cultural diversification; exchanging ideas across a wide group of creative and empowering individuals from around the world; exceptional dining experience; collaborations beyond race, religion, ethnicity, countries and continents that can offer life-changing solutions and sustainable ways of living and develop all around the world and many more unexpected yet needed surprises – all these are a must and definite, in fact, basic of THE DUBAI EXPO 2020.
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