Dubai Is Offering A Lot More Along With DUBAI EXPO 2020, Let’s Find Out

Dubai Is Offering A Lot More Along With DUBAI EXPO 2020, Let’s Find Out

The world is completely shut for quite some time. In these tough times, it takes a lot to fight back and try to get on track with these suddenly halted lives. People are looking for hope for the future, escape from the past and relief for the present at the same time. 
In such conditions, not everything can help you soothe your panic-stricken lives, but travelling does! Not just to anywhere without safety and care but to a place that understands your needs and also offers you secured inspiration with the scintillating aspiration to get back to your lives as well. One such place to must visit right now is DUBAI. The UAE is bringing the world together safely and securely with many mandated protocols and mesmerizingly brilliant vision through its year-long postponed event – DUBAI EXPO 2020.

DUBAI EXPO Has A Lot of Buzzworthy Experiences

The 182 days of technical brilliance, creative excellence and most needed inspiration are offered by DUBAI EXPO 2020. Actually, what was planned to happen last year was postponed in this post-pandemic year of 2021 from 1st October 2021, which unapologetically carries on up to 31st March 2022. The UAE has collaborated with world-famous architects, designers and audio-visual technicians to make complete, mind-bogglingly wonderful arrangements for the DUBAI EXPO 2020 planned at the CROWN JEWEL of DUBAI – AL WASL DOME at AL WASL PLAZA. It is the largest indoor venue with 360 degrees translucent laser projection - where the event is going to get kick-started. 
Even though the worldwide visitors are gracing DUBAI for the esteemed and awaited event – visitors from around 192 countries are expected to visit the event DUBAI EXPO 2020. DUBAI has a lot more to offer everyone who is about to grace it with their auspicious time and audacious presence. Because even though DUBAI EXPO 2020 is the main event for which many minds and hearts came together and prepared DUBAI at its all-time best to host the world safely, DUBAI offers substantially more venues, events and happening places for everyone to bask in the beauty and forget everything that is disturbing and dilemma to them.

Best Things To Do And To Visit In Dubai While You Grace Dubai Expo 2020

Whether it is CROWN JEWEL AL WASL DOME or UAE PAVILION: FALCON IN THE FLIGHT, etc., DUBAI EXPO 2020 is already made headlines and created a lot of anticipation for everyone who is planning to visit the event. The architectural epitomes are everywhere, waiting for the visitors to be swept off at the very first sight.
But along with these brilliant made for DUBAI EXPO 2020 artistic constructions, DUBAI already has a lot of the most and all-time happening places, and events that occupy a predominant place in everyone’s to visit bucket list. Here are the places, parks and other venues you can visit while you visit DUBAI for the prestigious DUBAI EXPO 2020 event on the 1st of October, 2021.
  • DUBAI AQUARIUM AND UNDERWATER ZOO – There are many zoos and parks in DUBAI for every family to have a great time at. Still, this AQUARIUM AND UNDERWATER ZOO occupies the top spot with its out of the box experience and creatures that help you have a friendly time. This is located at the lowest level of THE DUBAI MALL, which again is a great place to have a nice time.
  • BOLLYWOOD PARK DUBAI – Every Bollywood fan must visit this BOLLYWOOD THEMED PARK in DUBAI. The foods, events, movies and live shows completely take you, overtaking you away from your hustle bustle life immediately. It will be a nice day out from the DUBAI EXPO 2020 if the event too much consumes you.
  • PARKS, PARKS AND MORE PARKS – WILD WADI WATER PARK, QUA VENTURE WATER PARK, JUMEIRAH BEACH PARK, KITE BEACH, and many more; DUBAI is filled with many such adventure and exciting beaches and parks that has many man-made islands as well that raises the pride of DUBAI to the skies. All these together offer every visitor their best of times coupled with the dining varieties available to satiate every foodie around the world. FOOD IN DUBAI IS A MUST, DON’T YOU FORGET THAT!
  • SOME MORE – DUBAI FOUNTAIN, BURJ KHALIFA and most particularly IMG WORLDS OF ADVENTURES with four epic zones and 12 screen cinemas as sure to entertain everyone around the world beyond caste, religion and ethnicity for sure. Do plan and visit them while you visit DUBAI EXPO 2020 and make the most of your visit. These many places, these many themed parks, events, along with mouthwatering food, are sure to drive you all to the end of the energies and lift your mood for sure!
While all these places are sure to offer you one of a kind moments for you, your family and your friends, you will only be able to enjoy all these if you are well prepared for the journey to DUBAI well in advance ahead of the entire world as everyone is gearing up for the event. In this journey, DUSK TRAVEL AND TOURISM Can be your true guide of tourism planning!

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