Falcon in the Flight Pavilion: Design That Demonstrates DUBAI EXPO 2020s True Vision!

Falcon in the Flight Pavilion: Design That Demonstrates DUBAI EXPO 2020s True Vision!

“Thoughts Resonate in actions!” Humans are bifurcated from the rest of the herd with the sole feature that is: intended thoughts! Animals’ rest of the flora, fauna, even though these living organisms don’t get to choose what they want to think, act and perform, but we do! Every act we do shout our intentions and thoughts more than anything else. If we can hold this in our mind daily, then all our actions will themselves be quotable statements. 
Now in this post-pandemic world, where everyone is fighting with everything to just get back to their life, one such action to aspire is DUBAI EXPO 2020. The one quotable statement of architecture, art and audacious intention is FALCON IN THE FLIGHT PAVILION which was exclusively constructed for DUBAI EXPO 2020. The event is postponed due to COVID and the new dates are October 1st 2021- March 31st 2022.

Dubai Expo 2020s Underlying Theme Resonates In Everything!

Whether it is CROWN JEWEL AL WASL DOME or the FALCON IN THE FLIGHT PAVILION, from designs to the destination, everything about DUBAI EXPO 2020 just resonates with the long-standing vision behind the very event itself. With such a mountain-moving powerful intention, DUBAI intended to start this even last year, but with the pandemic, those plans took a back seat. But as history says, “Best things can be delayed but cannot be stopped” DUBAI EXPO 2020 is back this year with more intention, more power and more world-needed-aim.
What can be a powerful mascot to such a powerful intention than a falcon? Falcons may be better hunters; falcons are faster, but more than anything, the falcon is known for one key feature – Fighting Back Strongly Even after Falling. When the Spanish Architect sent this FALCON IN THE FLIGHT design for the pavilion in the competition of 9 architectural firms with 11 submitted proposals for design, The UAE has selected this design for the UAE PAVILION at the DUBAI EXPO 2020. In its statement after that, UAE revealed that the FALCON IN THE FLIGHT design represents DUBAI’s long driving vision for conducting DUBAI EXPO and carries the will of UAE’s past and the future.
That UAE PAVILION: FALCON IN THE FLIGHT carries the DUBAI EXPO 2020 THEME – “CONNECTING MIND; CREATING THE FUTURE” and also the statement that the UAE is quoting to the world with a sense of responsibility – To Fight and To Never Lose Hope!


With every inch of energy, enthusiasm and aspiration, the UAE intends to fight for the world by stating that nothing is over through this DUBAI EXPO 2020, which got postponed last year. True to its theme DUBAI EXPO 2020 is surely going to connect people from around the world. And when they visit DUBAI for the expo, each and every visitor beyond race, religion, caste, gender and all sorts of man-made inequalities are going to be swept away right off from their feet with the architectural brilliance of CROWN JEWEL OF AL WASL PLAZA where expo happens and THE PAVILIONS in there.
Every visitor will find energy, hope and possible inspiration to take back to their personal lives amidst all these hardships and tough times. Even though Falconry expeditions were of old times where falcons are used to connect with other tribes and people of other lands, this UAE FALCON IN THE FLIGHT PAVILION helps UAE to instill confidence, faith, and hope to every country in the world that we can win this fight – A Fierce Way To Pledge Solidarity!

Dubai Expo 2020: The Culmination Of Every Opportunity, Possibility And Amusement

It is not just an event but sure is a great possibility of innovation. As a lot of creative and aspiring minds come together, spend time, energy and explore opportunities which in turn builds the future of this post-pandemic world. The very place where DUBAI EXPO 2020 is happening is itself so architectural brilliance that the very thought that what possibly can come out of there is surely going to excite if not inspire the rest of the world.
Times are tough, but toughness is what it needs to not just survive but to fly beyond and above these harsh times so that the world can be built again with more inspiring stories, hopeful actions and sheer commitment. Creative minds, culturally diversified events, lots of energy, best and one of its kind food, the priceless process of ideation and possible collaboration for people, organizations or countries even, what not! DUBAI EXPO 2020 is surely going to be one heaven of a lifetime “EXPO”-nential experience.
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Seamless And Simple Visa Service By Dusk Travel And Tourism!

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