A Grand Welcome to the DUBAI EXPO 2020, By The Architectural Masterpiece – Al Wasl Dome

A Grand Welcome to the DUBAI EXPO 2020, By The Architectural Masterpiece – Al Wasl Dome

It is a surprising coincidence that the word “Al Wasl” has a long-standing connection with Dubai. In the Arabic Language, the word “AL WASL” stands for “Connection”. Astonishingly, the historical and old name of Dubai is “AL WASL”. Best things, best events even though they seem to occur as a coincidence, they are actually planned by unforeseen hand to make sure that the world, its population gets the best out of it. 
One such event that is planned to happen is DUBAI EXPO 2020. The 6 months of (182 days to be specific) cultural exchange coupled with the conjunction of opportunity, mobility and sustainability that blesses prosperity and life-enhancing potential solutions to the world that is set to visit the DUBAI EXPO 2020/2021 itself. The new dates for this momentous event are 1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022. AL WASL DOME is the architectural wonder set to welcome the world to this DUBAI EXPO.

Features Of The Architectural Marvel AL WASL Dome of DUBAI EXPO 2020

Prior to the construction, some tiring months-long preparation has gone into this, with 14 months taken for the construction and man-hours of over one million as the main investment apart from the monetary budget that went into it without compromise, with sheer passion and patience. 
A 360 degrees projection surface, AL WASL DOME is the world’s largest surface for projection covering the AL WASL PLAZA where the event takes place – DUBAI EXPO 2020. An estimated 25million people are set to visit this six months long esteemed event. Covering the AL WASL PLAZA, a large open space where Dubai Expo is set to happen, AL WASL DOME is sure the best way to welcome not just the entire world but their hearts and minds as well!

More Mind-mesmerizing Facts of DUBAI EXPO 2020’s AL WASL DOME are
  • Dimensions of the dome are: Width – 130 meters; Length – 67.5 meters, and 2544 tons of weight [approximately 25 blue whales maybe!]
  • Literally, the height of the AL WASL DOME equals the stack of 16 Burj Khalifas placed upon one another.
  • Italian Contractors, ADRIAN SMITH, CIMOLAI RIMOND AND GORDON GILL ARCHITECTURE, designed this prestigious Dome, DUBAI’s CROWN JEWEL.
  • Effort, art and expertise of almost 800 engineers and technicians have been expended in making this CROWN JEWEL of DUBAI get constructed and happen.
  • The dome is translucent, making it the largest available projection surface on it, which is visible both to the external world and internal extravaganza.
  • Recently 252 laser projectors specifically placed for the dome are used to light the dome with the countdown “100 days to go” it is completely and alluringly visible to both insiders and to the entire world outside as well.
  • Legendary Audio–visual technician, with a history of providing such appealing audio with eye-pleasing visuals to around 650 world expos that happened previously around the world, Christie’s mind and heart is the reason for the out of the world projection. CHRISTIE digital company is heading and leading the projection department of the AL WASL DOME.

Even though this architectural masterpiece is brought to life exclusively for the DUBAI EXPO 2020 that is going to start from October 1st, 2021 to March 31st, 2022, AL WASL DOME will continue to be Dubai’s CROWN JEWEL even after the event is over but will be turned into the common connecting hub of all the hotels, offices and key places of visit in Dubai. Such is the value UAE is giving to this spectacular man-made construction.

DUBAI EXPO 2020: The Talk Of The Century
With the words “Connecting Minds; Creating The Future” as the slogan, DUBAI EXPO is actually planned to kick off last year itself. But the Wuhan Virus breakout spilt water on the plans, and the expo was on halt. Now with more fire, DUBAI EXPO 2020 is intended to start on 1 October 2021. This AL WASL DOME will be the heart of this most awaited event, prestigious not just to DUBAI but for the whole UAE. 
In a post-pandemic world where every effort towards better future matters, this magnitude of an event should be the better way for guiding the world’s best creative minds to connect at one place and find ways to express their creativity for the world’s sustainable future. 
With “Sustainability, Opportunity and Mobility” as the subthemes, the DUBAI EXPO 2020 is set to be holding the largest gathering post-pandemic. Almost all visitors from 192 countries were expected to visit this 6-month long creative festival. So you can just expect how busy, tight and clumsy your travel to Dubai can get if you don’t plan right for visiting the DUBAI EXPO 2020. You must have the right guide to help you throughout the process, helping you have the best experience, if not memorable in the form of DUBAI EXPO 2020. Who can be the best guide than DUSK TRAVEL AND TOURISM!

People all around the world are set to visit the DUBAI EXPO 2020. While all arrangements are in full swing to welcome the world to this event, visitors should be planning in the right way as well. Or less the hassle, haste and hell of a time will be having to them while everyone will be busy basking in the glorious event.
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