Venice In Dubai: A Floating Replica Of Venice

Venice In Dubai: A Floating Replica Of Venice

Venice in Dubai? These words sound strange to most of us since Venice is located in Italy. However, to inform you of the fact, it is a recreation of Venice in Dubai that is a miniature replica, you can say. This fact might make each one of you curious about the place, and perhaps you will consider visiting this during your trip to Dubai. 
This article will present you with a view of the floating Venice from the comfort of your home. However, gathering facts or simply knowing about the place is not enough; you must get out and get ready to explore the place by visiting Dubai. All you need to do is to take your Dubai visa online from Dusk Travel and Tourism, pop some luggage, and you can be off to Dubai's most luxurious and beautiful place. 

The Floating Venice in Dubai

The floating Venice at The World Islands is a sight to behold. The replica is essentially going to be an underwater resort, complete with gondolas, winding waterways and even the famous Piazza San Marco. The “Floating Venice Dubai” is the world's first floating location that enkindles the charm, placidity and beautiful culture of Venice to the harmonious shores of DubaiFloating Venice has a capacity of three thousand guests at a time. visitors can arrive at the main place of the resort via boat, helicopter or seaplane. The 12 floating beaches and the 400,000 acres of eclectic coral and marine life can be seen directly from the pool by the Venetian glass.It is a luxurious place surrounded by the waters of Lagoon that provides assortments of amenities that exclusively caters to your lavish longing. The villas are very spacious and elegant. One gets a lovely view of the surrounding sea. You can get really comfortable once surrounded by the luxurious lifestyle that it has to offer. You can find here winding waterways, canal-side walkways, Venetian-style shops, gondolas to travel across, arched bridges and even the famous Piazza San Marco. Guests can also sample Venetian delicacies.

The Main Features Of A Miniature Version Of Venice

  • 12 “floating” beaches
  • 12 underwater restaurants, bars and a spa
  • Underwater cabins with fascinating oceanic views
  • The gondolas straight from Italy
  • Traditional Venetian festivals and events to be hosted
  • Glass-bottomed swimming pool with views of underwater coral reef
  • Venetian-style arcades, shops etc.

An Amazing Place To Visit

Centrally located in The World Islands, the place is one of the luxurious water homes in UAE. One day it will become a major landmark in the city. The Floating Venice is built along the seaside and is yet to become the world's first 5-star floating destination. Venice in Dubai is simply not recreated, but it has been given vitality by making it serene as well as charming.An Underwater view of the Arabian Sea
The underwater view is spectacular, and it houses various coral reefs. Staying underwater is also an excellent option as it is embedded in luxuriousness. One is sure to gather a memorable experience if one seeks to spend time here. There are underwater five star facilities that one can avail of. However, if you want to stay above water, you will also find options for 5-star hotels. There are 180 cabins underwater and 234 above water. It can accommodate around 3000 guests. One can find luxurious facilities of bars, restaurants where you can dine at. You can not only enjoy gondolas passing but also feel cocooned underwater, beholding spectacular marine life like those coral reefs.

There are several operatic performances that one can enjoy. Also, entertainment follows one at the floating yacht club. 

Easy location
Located at The World Islands, it is away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. Therefore, it is a perfect place to relax and be at leisure. Especially if you are on vacation, it will provide you with the amount of peace that you deserve. It is one of the most famous island destinations in the world which you will absolutely love visiting. The mode of travel includes seaplane and helicopter. People can also travel by boat.

Cultural Activities
It is made sure that one gets to taste Venetian culture through various festivals where one can participate. Some of the festivals which one can celebrate include the Carnevale di Venezia, Festa del Redentore, Regata Stoica and many more.

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To Wrap Up!
Thus, this article provided you with a glimpse into one of the most beautiful and lavish places in Dubai. The features, location, activities that the place can offer will definitely propel you to plan a vacation out with your loved ones. The ambience provided by the miniature replica is sure to enthral you and leave you in jaw-dropping mode. 
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