Places To Visit With Family In Dubai: Have A Family Friendly Holiday

Places To Visit With Family In Dubai: Have A Family Friendly Holiday

Dubai is a great choice for a family getaway. It is the only world-class city that offers a heavenly homely feeling, amazing views, and a once in a lifetime shopping experience like no other place could. It never fails to offer a good mix of culture and diversified experience as there are plenty of special places to visit in Dubai with your family. 
From the natural to the man-made, there are wonders in this city that no family should miss on their holiday. Never! So, apply for UAE/Dubai Visa online with Dusk Travel and Tourism to get your e-visa smoothly. Here we go! Presenting you the best ten destinations you can visit with your family in Dubai. Be sure to visit all of these places with your family to enjoy the best days of your life.

1.AquaVenture Waterpark
Outstanding among all of those Dubai waterfronts, the Aqua venture Waterpark Dubai is the best waterpark in the Middle East and occupies the first number among European parks. It offers a unique experience compared to other water slides in the world. In addition to the number of slides and rides, the leisure centre park possesses a variety of alternatives such as Dolphin Adventure, Ultimate Aquarium Dive, and The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

2. Jumeirah Beach Park
Crossing 12 hectares, Jumeirah Beach Park is one of the best places to visit for your family for a happy holiday experience. This short park is a beautiful combination of water, sand and plains. It is has a lot of picnic space and makes you meet nature in the middle of your holiday. Families can use their own separate spaces such as a youth playground, grill district, outdoor tables, showers, food booths, a volleyball venue, and much more. Going through the day of sincere liberation in Dubai with your beloved family, you should definitely visit this.

3. Wild Wadi Water Park
If you are looking for fun places to go to Dubai with your family, Wild Wadi Water park is the immediate place to visit then. While rides in the park await your children, even adults can take part in water sports and quench their thirst for a delightful experience. There are two great cafes inside the entertainment centre where you will thank for the food and the memories you will have with your family. Look for the Dubai visa now!

4. Kite Beach
Dubai is not the only destination known for its prideful engineered marvels; the area is equally popular for the secluded beaches. There are many complete and isolated beaches and water features that add to Dubai's entire landline. Among all of these, The Kite beach is one of Dubai's most luscious landscapes, as beautiful as emeralds near the Arabian Gulf. Along with this, the area also offers family explorers to introduce their children to the trampolines outside and the recently cancelled Skate Park as well.

5. Ski Dubai
Located in the Mall of Emirates, Ski Dubai is probably the best place you can find in Dubai to spend time with your family. It's hard to imagine a ski resort in the desert, but the people behind it made a praiseworthy attempt. You can walk through the wonder and will not fail to appreciate the skiing experience and even playing with the Snow Penguins too. One of the most attractive things for a family in Dubai, this is a must in your Dubai To-do visit List!

6. Dubai Creek
One of the most mature and beautiful places you can go to with your family is Dubai Creek. It offers a reunion with your deep-down memories for sure! That pushes you back in time. The stream and its ships offer one an enthralling way to explore the city, and one can use water taxis here to roam for a variety of interesting purposes. Isn't it exciting? Dhow Cruise is one of the most popular tourist attractions here, and without a doubt, it is an undoubted event to cherish by everyone, especially for people who want to experience the greatness of Dubai from a holistic view. Families can enjoy luxury food and boat drives as they continue their ride for a while here.

7. Burj Khalifa
Right on the Top and that too "Almost Sky touching Place" is probably the best place to visit in Dubai with family. The tour takes you to the 124th and 125th floor of the tallest building in the world and offers a city-wide view as if the entire city and you are having a private get-together. A view from the 124th floor, with a place of this phenomena, to explain that with words is a punishment! Speechless you will be as well! Also, if you are lucky enough to afford a higher premium, then you will have a visit to "At The Top Sky" in Burj Khalifa, where you will escape everything and climb straight up to the 148th floor for a more thrilling experience. No matter what you choose, you will endure and praise every minute throughout the episode. UAE visa from Dusk Travel and Tourism can help you to live your dream and experience the sensation of being at 124/125 floor of Burj Khalifa. 
Don't forget to get a snapshot of the entire family from the top!

8. Dubai Fountain
Dubai Fountain is probably the best place to visit in Dubai with the family that is craving a holiday to relieve themselves from the monotonous life. This is the longest water source in the world and is a delight for people to watch as well. Over 3,000 feet long, it is the equivalent of two football fields. The Fountain, along with the vast majority of Arabic songs (from old to modern), means only one thing. Soulful healing to the mind and the body!
To add cherry and icing to the cake, hikers also can take the Daily Fountain Lake Ride. Give the front seat a shot once, and you are good to go for the best light show in the world! Be sure that you will not regret it.

9. Desert Safari Dubai
In terms of the best rides in Dubai, Desert Safari is a step ahead of the rest. The Dubai Desert is probably the best place you can see with family, and its experience is amazingly warm. Joining ridge slamming, evening camel rides, safari, and you will have a proper understanding of the entire Arabian culture too. Go for this if you like the culmination of all of those defining features of this unique safari.
The List is Inclusive, endless to be specific! There are many more places, events and experiences in Dubai awaiting you and your family. So how about planning a holiday to Dubai? Nothing could be more affordable, adorable and awesomely beautiful for your entire family than Dubai. Dusk Travel and Tourism can help you to plan your Dubai trip smoothly with its outstanding online UAE visa services guided by a professional team of experts.

So no more waiting. Say, "Dubai! Here We Are" Happy Holidaying folks!


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