Dos And Don’ts

Dos And Don’ts In UAE To Know Before You Go

With millions of tourists visiting each year, the UAE has evolved to embrace many different people, ethnicities, and religions. Though it welcomes tourists with open arms, it has some sets of dos and don'ts in order to avoid inadvertently breaking laws and policies.
However, there is a selective group that may make numerous cultural or religious absurdities. While mistakes are inevitable, before visiting, you need to be aware of travel guidelines that do not hamper your pleasant trip to UAE.

Here are some underlying do’s and don'ts to keep you within the legality realm and make the most of your holiday.
Important Travel Guide Dos And Don'ts In UAE 

1. It is perfectly safe to travel solo in the UAE, Many people presume that it's an insecure place to visit because the UAE is located in the Middle East. It is absolutely a misinterpretation. In fact, it’s one of the safest countries in the world and is ideal for unescorted travelers looking to feel entirely safe and welcomed.

2. Dos in public

  • Buy alcohol only from licensed hotels and restaurants.
  • It is forbidden to be drunk and disruptive in public, and it can result in a fine or worse. In the United Arab Emirates, drunk driving is not tolerated.
  • Before taking a photograph of a UAE national or resident, be cautious about asking first, especially if the subject is feminine.
  • Having alcohol or other illicit narcotics in your possession at any time is highly banned, as is drinking in public.
  • Disrupting the peace, using abusive language, making obscene gestures, and disrespecting Dubai's religion or leaders in any way are all outlawed and may result in legal action.

3. Do try the street food 
While devouring street food in certain countries can be unhygienic that can cause health issues. But street food in the UAE is always hygienic, safe and delicious. Shawarma wraps, Emirati-style savory crepes, and sizzling hot fried doughnuts are delectable local favorites.

4. Do visit a mosque: a great way to learn about the local religion and culture
Many travelers feel a bit intimidated by mosques and do not visit any of the UAE's many mosques. All tourists are welcomed to visit mosques throughout the country in order to imbibe more about the local religion and culture - especially when visiting prominent mosques like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which will leave you wanting to return. Its harmonious aura is perfectly appealing for the tourist.

5. Do dress modestly
Women should dress submissively and avoid wearing revealing attire in public areas, particularly in places like malls, Mosques where more families tend to visit.While swimsuits are ubiquitous on Dubai beaches, resist sunbathing topless or wearing micro dresses even on a hotel's private beach. In Sharjah, women are not permitted to wear swimwear on public beaches. When you attend a mosque, it is imperative that you dress modestly in order to respect those who come to pray and worship. Long pants or skirts with a wide shawl are typical for women, whereas long, baggy pants and long sleeves are typical for men.

6. Do respect the culture in Ramadan
Ramadan is a religious month during which Muslims pray and fast. Non-fasting residents and tourists are expected to follow specific etiquette norms during Ramadan. After sunrise, there are no food channels available. During the fasting hour, all restaurants are shut. It is explicitly forbidden to eat, drink, or smoke in public during the day.

7. Reverence for customs and traditions
Respect the Islam religion wholeheartedly. You will be greeted with a smile and show their warmest hospitality if you act respectfully and humbly.

Don’t in UAE
1. Don’t show PDA with your partner or spouse
In order to respect local customs, avoid excessive public shows of affection with your partner or spouse, as this is exceedingly uncommon in the UAE. However, it is acceptable for married couples to hold hands, but objectionable for any indecent act in public.

2. Don’t drink too much alcohol in public
Alcohol is not fully prohibited, as licensed establishments can serve alcoholic beverages. It is, nevertheless, illegal to be inebriated in public. When visiting the UAE, be cautious about where you drink, remain inconspicuous, and avoid getting drunk—drinking in public results in fines, imprisonment, or even deportation. Drinking only at home or in an authorized pub is permissible.

3. Don't involve in Drugs
In the United Arab Emirates, there is zero-tolerance for drugs and illegal entities. The penalties are intolerant, and if you are caught with even a trace of any substance, you could face the death penalty. On this front, passenger baggage is extensively inspected while entering the nation.

4. Don't drink and drive
Drunk driving is not tolerated in the UAE at all. It may impose a fine as well as the threat of imprisonment. If you are drunk, try to have a trained driver with you.

5. Don't take picture of women without permission
In the United Arab Emirates, privacy is extremely important. It is against the law to photograph ladies without their consent. Taking the photo is considered illegal and can result in jail time.

While some of these points may appear strange to you, you must know that each country has its
own customs, which may or may not correspond to your sense of normalcy. Following these
do’s and don'ts will help you in the best stay in UAE.



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