Spend Wisely on your Dubai tour

Spend Wisely on your Dubai tour

Dubai is a place of an extravagance. The cost of living in Dubai equals AED 3,443.97 or USD 937.70. It is expected that anyone who comes to explore this country brings enough funds with him. However, having money doesn't mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket. You may be an average earner or a rich one; spending wisely may be a part of character traits. Spending strategically has many more advantages than one can count for, you must apply this rule while you are buying things in Dubai. This article will give you some tricks and tips on how you can spend wisely in Dubai without giving out on your enjoyment and entertainment.

Plan A Budget Trip To Dubai

1. Pocket-friendly hotels
Dubai has all types of hotels. Considering the cost of living in Dubai, if you seek to stay in a lavish hotel, your wish will be fulfilled, but who opts for luxuriousness when you can stay in abodes which are not only attractive but also budget-friendly? It is better to search for hotels by neighborhood. Hotels in Downtown Dubai or Dubai Marina come with skyrocketing prices. Therefore, it is better to opt for hotels at Al Barsha where the prices are reasonable. Besides, the hotels there will ensure that you have a wonderful experience with their services.

2. Old Quarter near Dubai
Another place to visit in Dubai if you are seeking to know its history is Dubai's Old Quarter. Dubai's Creek was the commercial hub of the entire city. The best thing about it is that it takes fewer bucks to explore that place. For example, it takes 1AED to traverse the creek on a boat taxi and just 3 AED to explore the Dubai Museum. People who are history enthusiasts will absolutely adore the place and consider themselves fortunate of having chosen this area while considering their budgets. The only exception is the Gold Souk which is a traditional gold market.

3. Eateries at reasonable prices
Dubai houses some of the world's best restaurants in the world. If you are looking to spend lavishly on your diet in spite of considering the cost of living in Dubai, it cannot be considered a good idea. The best option is to look for delectable eatables at low prices but that which will nonetheless tantalize your taste buds. Serving that particular purpose, there are local as well as international outlets serving fast food like burgers, fries which you can gorge on without paying money which is more than necessary.

4. Opting for Metro while travelling
If you seek to just go shopping or explore the country, walking won't do the job as the places you wish to visit are not just an inch away. Of course, taxis are going to provide you with a comfy ride, especially if they are air-conditioned, but it is better to save money and leave it for other expenses which you need to make throughout the journey. Therefore, travel at your ease in metros. Apart from providing fantastic views of the city outside, it is incredibly clean and provides a smooth experience.

5. Free entries in Dubai for clubs and bars
If you are looking for a holiday in Dubai and particularly seeking free entries, there is good news for you. Several nightclubs in Dubai involve no spending on your part as they are completely free. If you are a woman and looking forward to having a girls-nightout, then you can choose Tuesday as on this day some spots particularly caters to this need of yours. Apart from providing free entry into these clubs, they also offer quite a penniless service by making sure you enjoy your drinks while having an ideal party time.

6. Alcohol- a big "no-no"
Buying alcohol can cause you a great deal of money. Light drinking simply costs between 200- 300 AED. So, it will be a great idea if you choose to avoid alcohol while you are holidaying in Dubai. Instead, you can use the money for other purposes like saving or making expenditures to enjoy other tourist spots and attractions. The experiences so gathered from the destination will leave a lasting impression not only in your mind but also in your heart.

7. Enjoy the public beach during a holiday in Dubai
Beach is fun as there is plenty of activities that one can do while soaking in the warmth of the sun. These activities can include having a dip in the ocean, building sandcastles or playing beach volleyball. Maybe you are looking to stop being extravagant by booking a private beach and instead want to have fun in just a usual one. If that is the case, then public beaches are for you. Your fun will not be compromised at all even if you choose a public beach instead of a private beach as the activities that the different beaches have to offer are much similar to each other. Besides, public beaches are attractive as it feels good to see others have an equal amount of fun. Also, it is a great place to communicate and bond over the activities.

8. Visa service of Dusk Travel and Tourism
Planning for a holiday in Dubai? Thinking of what arrangements to make? Do not worry, as Dusk Travel and Tourism is going to assist you in applying your UAE/Dubai online and get an e-visa conveniently from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is just fill out all your essential details and submit the application for the visa. There is also an option on the website where you can send the request form to the visa professional team to guide you on the best solution as per your needs.

To wrap up!
Holidaying in Dubai is ecstatic, especially if you know where to spend money. A rich man must also know how to spend money in a lucrative manner. Therefore, you can see how this article will serve as a guide if you wish to spend wisely on a Dubai tour. Don't forget your visa, especially if you have availed of the services of Dusk Travel and Tourism.


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