COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates For Indians To Avail Dubai Visa

COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates For Indians To Avail Dubai Visa

Given the times of pandemic, Dubai has posed some restrictions for tourists that visit their country. If you want to travel to Dubai from India, these restrictions are necessary from the point that they will keep not only an individual safe but also other people who come in contact with the person. In other words, COVID 19 can be avoided by the mandates that Dubai has issued for travellers in order to procure a visa. The safety protocols maintained by Dubai is applaudable as it has been stamped as a safe place to travel by the World Travel and Tourism Council ( WTTC). So, you need to forsake your worries and embark on your journey of travel to Dubai from India. Don't forget to carry your UAE/Dubai visa with you. In this article, you'll find all the rules and regulations that you have to follow if you intend to apply for a Dubai visa in 2021.

Health As A Priority

  • The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has taken the step to consider health as a supreme priority, and it is trying to monitor the situation and ensure the national safety of all visitors in the country.
  • The well-being of all the visitors and residents are taken care of by Dubai tourism which continues to work under the umbrella of the World Health Organisation by ensuring public safety and hygiene.

Time To Get Tested

  1. Getting yourself tested for COVID-19 is the first step to qualify for a UAE/Dubai visa. You need to do a PCR test ( Polymerase Chain Reaction Test). Other testing methods like antibody tests or home testing kits are not applicable in Dubai.
  2. If the PCR certificate is in your mother tongue or any Indian language, you need to validate it in the originating station before they are deemed acceptable.
  3. To check-in, travellers need to bring an official printed certificate that should be validated. These certificates need to be either in English or Arabic. Digital certificates like SMS certificates will not be accepted in Dubai.
  4. PCR test certificates should be issued by an authorised institute in India. COVID-19 PCR test certificate that has been used before while proving oneself COVID negative will not be valid if you visit Dubai. A separate certificate should be printed out for this purpose. Even if the COVID-19 PCR certificate is valid, you cannot present it in Dubai once it is used while visiting another country.
  5. Within 4 hours of travelling to Dubai, you must get yourself tested with a rapid PCR test. This is essential to gain a permit into the country.
  6. Also, after you have landed in Dubai, another rapid PCR test will be conducted on you.
  7. You must stay in Quarantine within the expected time of 24 hours until the Rapid PCR test results are out.
  8. Children below 12 years of age are not needed to undergo COVID 19 PCR tests. Teenagers and adults must duly get tested.
  9. If you get tested positive for COVID 19, you will be kept in quarantine, and your checkup will continue.

UAE Vaccination Mandates for Indians

  • The prerequisites for entering Dubai are that you must possess valid residence visas and have received two vaccine shots. A thing mandatory for the vaccine to be received is that it has to be UAE approved. This news has been reported by WAM, where they have cited this statement made by the General Civil Aviation Authority.
  • The vaccines which have been approved by the US government include Pfizer, Sputnik V Sinopharm and Oxford- AstraZeneca. So, get your shot if you plan to visit Dubai.
  • If you have received two doses of the UAE approved vaccine, the travel restrictions posed by the authorities in Dubai are brought down so that you can have a hassle-free journey.
  • According to the Gulf News report, Dubai travel protocols have changed for some passengers arriving from countries including India, and it starts from 23rd June 2021. These announcements have been made by Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai.
  • It is required to carry a COVID negative report 48 hours before departure from India. The time limit should not be exceeded; otherwise, you might be restricted from travelling to Dubai.
  • It is mandatory for travellers and attendees who will attend live events to get a jab of UAE- mentioned vaccines. Also, put on your masks if you are in a public place.

Dusk Travel and Tourism

If you possess a dream of a fantastic holiday in Dubai, then Dusk Travel and Tourism will be going to aid you in the process. It has a variety of services that it can offer. The visa services of the company is one thing you must look forward to while applying for one. Be it a paper Dubai visa or an electronic UAE/Dubai visa; you can avail both the services easily and with just a few clicks away. So, get ready for an unparalleled holiday experience in Dubai. 

To Wrap Up!
Travelling to Dubai from India is quite fun. Booking the tickets, procuring important documents, applying for a UAE/Dubai visa is not just enough. Guidelines provided by Dubai should be followed if one is to make his journey seamless. With Dusk Travel and Tourism, the process of acquiring a visa becomes smooth, but there are other areas in which you need to confirm if you intend to stay in Dubai for a couple of days. The COVID-19 mandates to avail UAE/Dubai visa for Indians are mandatory and is applied for all. You should ensure your and your family's safety by taking proper precautions and adhering to the guidelines strictly. Make sure to conduct the tests as mentioned by UAE. Also, consider vaccinating yourself as a priority since the pandemic has taken a toll on each one of us, and everyone must make an attempt to prevent it with all possible steps. The vaccines must be UAE approved, as stated in this article. 


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