New Rules For Dubai Visit Visa 2021

New Rules For Dubai Visit Visa 2022

Before you jump to the rules and regulations for a Dubai visa, a simple definition of a visa will gain you an understanding of the purpose that it serves. A visa is an official document that allows the bearer to legally enter a particular country that he seeks to visit. There are different types of visas, and they are unique in their own way, thereby catering to the needs of different individuals, offering them separate rights that they will exercise after visiting their intended country. Any official work is based on certain rules and regulations. Similarly, how can the process of obtaining a visa remain excluded from the fact? This article will list down the new rules for Dubai visa 2022 so that you can stay updated about the process and be at ease while travelling to Dubai.

Important Dubai Visit Visa New Rules 

  1. From the date of issue, all UAE visas will be valid for 60 days except a 96-hour transit visa. In the case of a 96-hour visa, the time that the visa remains valid from the date of issue is half the time when compared with other UAE visas. In other words, a total of 30 days from the issuing date is needed to keep the 96-hour transit visa legal.
  2. A 96-hour transit visa is special in the sense that its rules vary from other UAE visas. If you carry this visa with you, the only place where you can enter and exit the country exclusively is the Dubai Airport.
  3. One requirement to be eligible for a visa is that after you leave Dubai, your passport must remain valid for 6 months (minimum).
  4. It is better if you apply for a visa a few weeks before your intended visit. Taking this step will ensure non-hectic travel to Dubai. The reason behind applying beforehand is that your visa will be processed at the right time. The usual time for visa processing is between 3 to 5 days. However, in special cases, the minimum processing time for a Dubai visa is 24 hours.
  5. The documents that are a must-have if one requires a Dubai visa include - scanned credentials like passport copy, colored passport-sized photograph. 
  6. To apply for a Dubai visa, you need to submit an application form with field-in details. Make sure you make no room for any mistakes. Also, keep checking your UAE visa status from time to time to ensure that your visa remains valid for the allotted time.
  7. If you are sponsoring your family, you need to provide documents legitimising your relationship, and in the case of your children, you need to provide their birth certificates.
  8. Once you fill in all the details in the application form, you need to submit the same along with the required fees to the UAE visa processing centre. After that, you can check the UAE visa status online.
  9. It is recommended that your flight ticket should be confirmed before the process of applying or processing of visa starts.
  10. Children starting from infants should also possess their visas for entry into Dubai.
  11. Make sure you take note of the possible reasons behind visa rejection before you apply.
  12. Strict action will be taken against the applicant if he does not renew his Visa after its term of expiry. These actions may vary from charging a hefty payment to taking legal actions against the individual. Apart from this, the chances are low that he might obtain a future Dubai visa
  13. According to the new rules for Dubai tourist visa 2021, it is mandatory to possess a minimum amount of 2000 DHS cash in your pocket. This rule also applies to Dubai visit visas as per the Immigration Department of Dubai
  14. Return flight tickets are an absolute must for tourist and visit visas. This is an essential new rule for Dubai visa 2021.
  15. You cannot directly gain an employment visa for Dubai as the country has no rules for providing it. With a visit visa, you can travel to the country and after your employment is confirmed, you can convert your visit visa to an employment visa.
  16. The most important point is that you need to confirm that you are covid negative. Without proper documents supporting the needful, you will not be permitted into the country.
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To wrap up!This article provides information about the rules and regulations associated with a Dubai visa. There are different types of visas, and each one has its special perks. You can also find the restrictions that the country has to offer to its foreign visitors. These restrictions are related to entry into the country. Also, other restrictions include, especially for COVID individuals. The passengers visiting Dubai must present a negative PCR test within 72 hours before departure. A UAE visa status can be checked online through which you get to know the validity of your visa.



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