A Stroll On Old Dubai Market

A Stroll On Old Dubai Market

Shopping is one of the must-do activities in Dubai. The souks in Dubai are the finest venues to enjoy buying something nice at a reasonable price while negotiating. Arabic markets, also known as souks, are a collection of stores where a wide range of items are purchased, sold, and traded. Spices, perfumes, silks, and gold jewellery souks are renowned by travellers. Apart from Thursdays and Fridays, when they are active in the afternoon, all of the stores are open from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm in the morning and from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the evening. The ideal time to visit is in the late afternoon when the souks are filled. Therefore, avail of your Dubai visa services from Dusk Travel and Tourism to get it expertly, facilely and at cut-price. Here is a list of other things you will find while taking a stroll on the old Dubai Market:

Explore The Gold Souk In Dubai
Before the modern-day oil boom, trade was the primary source of money for Dubai. The fact that Dubai has a tax-free economy was one of the factors that drew traders to the city-state. This was fantastic news for the gold industry. Within a few decades of establishing a tax-free gold market, Dubai had become the centre for gold business, gaining the moniker “the city of gold”. Gold prices in Dubai are currently among the lowest in the world. The gold souk has been around for nearly two decades, and it should be on top of your Dubai tour list. The yellow tint of this valuable metal pervades the streets, lending an unearthly feel to the entire neighborhood.

Discover The Al Bastakiya
Al Bastakiya is a collection of structures that predate the 1950s. They were the residences of Dubai's aristocracy at the time. Presently, these structures house several tiny museums and stores that teach us about Dubai's history before the UAE was formed. It is located near Dubai's historic Grand Mosque. According to legend, when Prince Charles of England visited Dubai in the 1980s, he recommended Dubai's rulers against dismantling these historical structures. Since then, the Bastakiya has been conserved as part of Dubai's historic village.

Visit The Coffee Museum
The Coffee Museum curates Dubai's coffee culture. It is a place that is worth availing of Dubai visa services. You will be able to see the original pots and vessels that were used to brew them. It also has a cafe attached where you may order a personalized Arabic coffee, the cost of which is included in the admission charge. Coffee was given to the globe via Arab culture. And they still have their version of coffee, known as Gahwa or Arabic coffee. It's a coffee that's different from a latte or espresso in Europe. Arabic coffee has a lot of spices. It is made with cardamom, saffron, pepper, and a few additional spices. Some spices are added according to the personal choice of the consumer.

Experience The Textile Souk
This souk is a one-stop store for textiles from all around the world. However, the largest portion of them is traditional Indian garments. There are both traditional and contemporary clothing options. By shopping at the Textile Souk in the old market in Dubai, you may give your clothing an Arabian flair. This souk offers a colorful journey into this fashion extravaganza that boasts of the finest spun yarn. Premium silk, cotton, and other fine fabrics embellished with antique-style designs entice you to fill your shopping bags. You can also find stitched clothes that can be customized by local and skilled designers. A decent selection of fabric accessories is capable of giving your outfit a fashionable Arabian flair.

The Perfume Souk
Immerse yourself in the aromas of local and foreign fragrances offered at the Perfume Souk's many stores. Things like Incense sticks and greasy fragrances are also widely available in this market. Scents and perfumes, which are known as oud or ittar are the trademarks of the Sheikhs' opulent lifestyles. These stores provide anything from the old Arab culture to current perfume brands.Not only that, but you may bathe yourself in various kinds of beautiful scents. Customized perfumes are also available according to the choice of the buyer’s fragrances. However, it is strongly advised that you negotiate when going on a perfume buying spree for the first time in Dubai.

Stop By The Souk Madinat
Souks are often low-cost and are known for selling staple items. However, at Souk Madinat, you will experience opulent shopping. Priceless antiques and high-end products are honoured here. Narrow alleyways lined with luxury boutiques seem to weave their way back in ancient times. You may also eat in a restaurant or fine dining. While you're out antique shopping, raise a glass with the Burj Al-Arab as your backdrop. You may also eat in a restaurant or indulge in a fine dining experience. While you're out antique shopping, raise a glass with the Burj Al-Arab as your backdrop.

Browse The Souk Al-Bahar
With the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall nearby, shopping at Souk Al- Bahar can be a very memorable experience for the first-timers. This souk combines traditional Arabian shopping with a contemporary touch. Dates, jewellery, brass lamps, Arabian desserts, and incense cones are proudly displayed and sold here. You can sample some of the finest Arabian cuisines on the top floor while choosing to visit the Dubai fountain later. Souk Al-Bahar's visit can be easily adjusted in your itinerary while you visit the other nearby Dubai Tour attractions.

The Bottom Line
The Old Souk is a wonderful tourist destination that offers a wide range of activities for visitors and tourists to enjoy. It is located on one of the beautiful banks of Dubai Creek. This ancient market, with its ancient Dubai atmosphere and its inexpensive products, is one of the most popular shopping locations that are capable of catching everyone's interest. If you are planning to vacation in Dubai, explore the wide range of holiday packages and Dubai visa services offered by Dusk Travel and Tourism



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