UAE Embassy In India

UAE Embassy In India

An embassy is a group of people who represent their country diplomatically while residing in a foreign state where they will offer their services when approached by individuals of the receiving state. Dubai embassies are no different from the definition provided above. Conducting visa interviews, helping the needy with the immigration process, providing embassy attestation are some of the major duties of the UAE embassy.The services vary from a wide range and can include providing assistance to an individual travelling or residing in the host country, collaborating on shared interests, sponsoring educational, professional exchanges, thereby promoting ties between India and UAE. Apart from obtaining a visa from the embassy, applying for a Dubai visa online from India via Dusk travel and Tourism is the best option to get it comfortably and quickly. This article will help you to know the timing, location and purpose of the Dubai embassy in India. 

Embassy Of UAE In India
The UAE Embassy in New Delhi opened in 1972, followed by the establishment of the UAE Consulate General Office in Mumbai (1975) and Thirandrum, Kerala (2016). In the same year that Kerala Consulate General Office was formed, the consulate section of New Delhi came into existence. To obtain the necessary services from the UAE embassy, you can contact the embassy directly with any queries or concerns regarding visas, rules, or passport requirements. However, you should check ahead of time to see if the embassy staff are available. You must confirm the address and the office hours before visiting.
The Dubai embassy is situated in the capital city of India, i.e. New Delhi. The address is 12, Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021.
UAE Consular Section
Ambience Tower, Plot No. 3, Pocket 2, Sector-A, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110070
The Ambassador is H.E. Dr. Ahmed Abdul Rahman AlBanna. He is the highest-ranking diplomat to Dubai and the representative of the President. Apart from the ambassador are 6 diplomats working in the Dubai embassy.
Working hours
The opening hour of the embassy is from Monday to Friday from  9 a.m to  4 p.m. It remains closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Purpose of Dubai embassy in India
  1. Its motto is to ensure a friendly relationship with India to make development regarding their scientific, economic and cultural aspects.
  2. It aims to protect the interests of Dubai and its nationals in India.
  3. It conveys information and messages to the government of the host country and similarly receives messages in return.
  4.  The various events that take place in India are related to the Dubai government. These events can include essential information regarding social, political, economical and military episodes.
  5. The military attaché ensures that communication is maintained between the two armed forces and for arms business.
The task of the Dubai Consulate in India
Dubai Consulate represents the country's public administration in India. Firstly, it bears responsibility for its citizens residing or travelling in India. The most fundamental duties of the consulate include:
  1. To make new passports and renew them. It can also include other official documents.
  2. Officials from the UAE embassy help UAE citizens who are currently in India and have passport-related concerns such as lost passport affidavit and Circulating a new passport.
  3. To relay information to Dubai's citizens residing in India about its social security situation
  4. To be able to manage military formalities and provide control for its own citizens liable to military service.
  5. To assist its citizens, especially in times of emergency or distress.
  6. To watch over Dubai's citizens who are under detention or arrest for legal purposes and to ensure fair trials according to the rule of law.
  7. To enable entry Dubai visas to foreign citizens and to update them about immigration, work permits and residence.
  8. Assists Individuals of the UAE in the event of arrest or for any other legal purpose.
  9. Looks after the financial and business-related affairs that relate to the government of UAE.
Visa, Passport And Consular Services
The UAE embassy in New Delhi may offer a variety of consular services, including  passport processing, as well as document legalisation. For information and consular services, contact the office directly.

Visa Regulations For The United Arab Emirates
To enter the United Arab Emirates, Indian citizens must have a valid passport and a visa. Now Indian citizens can apply for UAE/Dubai visas online easily with visa provider Dusk Travel and Tourism. It offers the secure and fastest way to get your visa. The visa process with Dusk Travel and Takes only 2 to 3 days. You will be assisted by their visa experts and professionals throughout the entire visa application procedure, ensuring a stress-free experience.

The United Arab Emirates In India
In addition to the UAE embassy in India, New Delhi, the United Arab Emirates has two other representations in India. Consulates in Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram are among these representations.

India In The United Arab Emirates
India has two representations in the UAE. These representations of India in the UAE include an embassy in Abu Dhabi and a consulate general in Dubai.

The Different Types Of Dubai Visa Services 
30 days (short term) visa, 90 days (long term, Single & Multiple entries) visa, 14 Days Dubai Tourist Visa, 96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa etc. Also, electronic visas are available.

Applying UAE/Dubai visa application online with Dusk Travel and Tourism helps you save time, save money and offers you an easy visa application procedure with minimum documentations. The visa specialist is always available for you if you have any queries and need help while filling the visa form. 

To wrap up
Thus, in this article, you get to see the various aspects of a UAE Embassy, starting from its origin to purpose, tasks or services offered by the Trivandrum consulate and also how Dusk Travel and Tourism can provide an easy way in getting your visa ready to travel to Dubai.


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