E-visa For Tourists In Dubai

E-visa For Tourists In Dubai

Dubai is an ideal destination for travellers. It is a great place that is open to different people coming from various countries. Nearly 90% of the people living in Dubai are outsiders. The country is famous for its tallest building known as Burj Khalifa, which is a must-see. Moreover, other places which should be visited include Grand Mosque, Dubai Museum, Atlantis water parks etc. 
If you are planning to visit Dubai, you must know that applying for a visa is essential. There is a better option when you opt for a visa, and that is an e visa, also known as an Electronic visa. You can apply for a UAE visa online with Dusk Travel and Tourism that offers the easiest procedure and quick visa processing time. Its standard processing timeline is just two to three days.

Dubai Tourist Visa Online

Visa is a conditional authorization by Dubai to an outsider which allows one to enter, stay or leave the country. Only a few countries have adopted the e visa, while other countries haven't considered it to be made available for people applying for one. However, UAE is the country you can look forward to while applying for a visa online. During this time of the pandemic, the application form of a visa also contains factors regarding health like medical insurance. 
An e-visa is mandatory for some nationalities if they want to visit Dubai. Supporting documents should be present to prove the status of the applicant's relationship with the dependent. The traveller must possess a printed copy of the UAE online visa which should then be presented after arrival at border control in UAE, apart from the passport that was used to fill up the application. These steps are necessary to be allowed entry to the UAE.
Things particularly needed for the process of application include a Passport, recent photograph, email address, credit or debit details. There are numerous advantages of an electronic visa, and Dusk Travel and Tourism is the right place to consult while applying for the same. 

Types of UAE Visa

The following types of UAE e-visa can be applied online:
  • 30 Days Visa (Single Entry/Multi-entry) or Short Term Visa
  • 90 Days Visa (Single Entry/Multi-entry) or Long Term Visa
  • 30 Days Express Visa
  • 90 Days Express Visa

Why Should You Apply For UAE Visa Online With Dusk Travel And Tourism

Let us look at the reasons why you should be opting for an e-visa from Dusk Travel and Tourism.

1. No need to visit Embassies
When applying for an e visa from Dusk Travel and Tourism, there is no need to reach out to physical consulates and embassies. The procedure can be done online with ease in a virtual environment. All you need to do is to fill out some details about yourself. The payment method is quite swift when you opt for Dusk Travel and Tourism. Moreover, it is required to ensure that you have a confirmed flight ticket to the country.

2. Roots of Dusk Travel and Tourism
It is a legacy that was established in 2005n and since then has been the most professional and the most trusted tourism company in UAE. Additionally, the company has achieved significant targets and controls a greater portion of the market share within the tourism sector of the UAE.

3. Customer satisfaction
Dusk Travel and Tourism aim primarily at customer satisfaction.  The company makes sure that a customer's needs are met by providing quality services.

4. Most affordable UAE Visa Price
The visa rates are low as compared to other companies. This applies to all excursions, thereby creating the best services for business and leisure.

5. Best Tour Operator
Dusk Travel and Tourism is the best tour operator in the Middle East, which provides hassle-free events for the customers. Apart from this, a professional partnership is also established with other businesses. Dusk Travel and Tourism provides you with a personalized experience and is specially tailored to offer you an adventure that will be remembered forever.

6. Wide range of services
Dusk Travel and Tourism have a wide range of services to choose from. Other services offered by Dusk Travel and Tourism include the following:
  • Tours and Excursions
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Medical Tourism
  • Ground Handling Services
  • Cruise Destination Consultancy and Management
  • VIP Tailor-Made Programs
  • Cruise Handling and Shore Excursion Programs
  • Leisure Group Programs
  • Hotel Reservation and Accommodation Services
  • Client Support and Product Development
  • Sports Groups
  • Eco-Tourism Programs
  • Client or Supplier Relationship Management
  • Luxury Services
To Wrap Up, you can understand what an electronic visa is and the different benefits. Moreover, you can also see that the drawback of an e-visa is not an issue for the company, Dusk Travel and Tourism.
The company aims primarily in satisfying the needs of a customer. It turns your dream of visiting Dubai into a living reality that is beautiful as well as enjoyable. Thus, Dusk Travel and Tourism is the best place to deliver the most efficient and effective visa processing facilities to its clients.



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