Bashing Dunes: 10 Things To Do In Dubai

Bashing Dunes: 10 Things To Do In Dubai

Bored Of City life and wanna take a break? If yes, here is an opportunity to explore the red dunes of the Dubai Desert. A pre-planned tour can provide you with lots of entertainment and adventure and can award you with a memorable time. Dusk Travel and Tourism is the top choice of tourist for enduring the Arabain desert of Dubai at most affordable rates.

The amazing things to do in the deserts of Dubai include Sunset Photography, Henna Painting, Smoking Shisha, Riding Camels, Falcon Photography, Belly Dance, Tanoura Dance, A Traditional BBQ Dinner (With Veg and Non-Veg Dishes), Refreshments Unlimited and Transport Facilities. Let us have a look at how dune bashing in Dubai presents you once in a lifetime experience.

10 Things To Do In Dubai For A Memorable Experience

The things to do in Dubai are not limited to just a few activities. The Bedouin Camp awaits you with a fusion of cultural evening with modern comforts. To fascinate your taste buds, a great spread of continental and traditional Emirati delicacies are available. You can enjoy a perfectly relaxing evening with dazzling belly dancers mesmerizing you with their performance. It’s a perfect way to wind up the day.
There are several things to do in Dubai while you are on a Safari. Let's explore them.

Hummer Desert Safari

Travel in a legendary Hummer to experience the thrill of bashing the dunes and sandboarding. You can satiate yourself with a delicious buffet meal paired with unlimited soft drinks, tea and coffee.

2. Romantic Dinner Desert Safari

To witness the charming evening desert, you will be picked from your place of stay and taken to the desert. When visiting the camel farm, take a relatively close peek at the Ships of the Desert. On arriving, your driver will take you to the sands and ride over the dunes for an adventurous thrill.

3.Premium Desert Safari At Conservation Reserve Dubai

One of the primary things to do in Dubai is to travel to the Desert Conservation Reserve, which is the first national Park operating in the country. Try out some activities like getting a henna tattoo, taking pictures, wearing Arabic attire or smoking bubbly shisha. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the shawarma and falafel sandwiches.

4. Quad Biking Desert Safari

Conquer the sands on a quad bike under the guidance of a professional. The Desert safari package of Dusk Travel and Tourism offers you the skilled trainer to assist you in Quad Biking Desert Safari.

5. Hot air ballooning over the Arabian desert

A hot air balloon ride provides an incredible 360-degree perspective of the vast Arabian desert. The hot air balloon, which can carry up to 24 people, creates a sensation as it drifts high in the air, presenting breathtaking vistas. The wildlife of the desert, which primarily consists of species such as gazelles and camels, can be seen in the surrounding area.

6. Buffet dinner and BBQ session

Dubai culinary is famous for its sumptuous flavours and tantalising aromas. Buffets during a Dubai desert safari feature kebabs, hummus, and a variety of exotic Iranian and Lebanese delicacies. A classic Arabian night's ambience is created with belly dance and music during dinner

7. Late-night dune bashing

The overnight desert safari in Dubai includes dune bashing, desert safari, and stargazing. The nights are usually windy and cold, which is ideal for getting inside the Range Rover and going on a romantic drive with your sweetheart.
Drive all the way to the dunes and spend the night admiring the best of the Arabian desert. Camping and breakfast in the morning are the most popular combos available during a moonlit desert safari in Dubai.

8. Sunset photography

Sunset photography is more charming than the rising sun in Dubai's desert. The sun's orange-ish tint dissipating as it dips behind one of those dunes is definitely a sight to behold. You can drive a Range Rover to one of the dunes and take in the scenery as it appears massive in the background. This twilight is the ideal time for some candid photographs!

9. Camel safari 

Camel ride is often a morning desert safari in Dubai, taking you on a thrilling 45-minute ride. As you ride the camel caravan and observe the desert fauna, you'll get a tour of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Another highlight of the camel desert safari is a falcon show, in which visitors stroll around being photographed with the lovely bird.

10. Luxury Dinner in Desert

Book a luxury desert meal and arrive in a beautiful vehicle— a Merc or a Land Rover to begin your journey with views of the setting sun on the horizon. Feel like a member of the royal family in the magnificent desert as you enjoy quiet, romantic moments with your loved one and the best hospitality.
Explore the diverse animals as you make your way through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to the private dining location.

Evening Desert Safaris and Morning Desert Safaris – A Quick Comparison

The alluring evenings with luminescent sky present the best time to go for a desert safari since morning safaris can get extremely hot as they trail into noon. As the tropical Desert heat slowly recedes to make way for cool breezy evenings, it can be the ideal time for fun activities. Unlike a morning safari, you can have the entire evening to relax at the Camp.

Desert Safari Tips

  • Casual clothing would be an ideal choice to enjoy all the fun activities during the evening.
  • Deserts tend to get nippy at night. Carrying a stole or a thin jacket is advisable.
  • Open shoes, flip-flops, or sandals as footwear are preferable.
  • Sunglasses will be helpful.
  • While performing activities, listen to your instructor carefully.

Book Dubai Tourist Visa For Ethiopians Nationals At Best Price

For a rich Dubai red dune desert safari experience, Ethiopian Nationals require UAE/Dubai visa. Ethiopian can acquire Dubai Tourist Visa via an online visa service provider Dusk Travel and Tourism, at the best affordable rates. It takes just a few simple steps to apply for a Dubai visa and the quickest processing time is two to three days. If you have any doubts, the visa experts at the website will always support you. Once you get your visa, it's time for Bashing Dunes.

Seated in a luxurious 4x4 vehicle, you will be driving against the huge sand dunes. You will be in the midst of unremitting soft sand dunes glistening with a beautiful red tone. You are free to absorb the beauty of the Arabian Desert with the backdrop of the setting sun. You can enjoy quad biking or sandboarding and even camel riding too. A desert camp awaits you in the middle of the desert. Don’t forget to take some breathtaking pictures of the beautiful sunset.

Dusk Travel and Tourism LLC offers the most affordable and best Desert Safari Packages in the UAE. Book a Desert Safari tour package with us, and you will have memories that will last a lifetime.



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